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 Have you started to notice more brown spots or wrinkles on your face and body lately? Are you asking yourself, "How can I look better?" Then this is the book for YOU! 

“This book really helped me understand the value of taking care of my skin properly.

Choosing the right options to look my best on camera and off was challenging until I

read this book. In my profession looking your best is a requirement and now it’s easy.

Also, I learned preventing sun damage is essential and I will not leave the house again

without sunscreen on!

- Adrian R’Mante, actor

“I have always taken good care of my skin but I have had some fun in the sun! I am so

thankful for IPL treatments, they have brought back my youthful glow and Beth keeps

my skin looking its best. This book makes understanding all the cosmetic options easy

and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn how to look your best!”

- Tamra Barney (Judge), star of Real Housewives of Orange County


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Be You-T-Full is available at ,, EBay, Luxe Aesthetic Center, NuDerm Treatment Center and other fine retailers

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